People of Richmond, BC


Perhaps what people, mostly Americans say about the people of Canada is true, that they are a more polite version of the American people. We are a company that has worked and lived in Richmond, BC for as long as we have been in business and we can say for sure that this statement, although a bit broad, is mostly accurate. Here you will find some of the most polite and helpful people in the world, not just in terms of treating people with respect and dignity, but in terms of making the community and world a better place. Nothing say polite like preserving the wilderness that has been given to us, and the people of Richmond understand this.


That is part of the reason why we decided to build our business here. We wanted to be in a place where people were not only nice, but where they understood the idea of the greater good. That working together to build a community far outweighs the benefits of being in it for oneself. That working together is the only way to make true progress, and in a world where selfishness and self sufficiency is commonplace, that is it nice to see that there is a different attitude in some areas. Richmond is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the reason is clear.


Working together


Working together to achieve something larger than oneself is the reason that we got into cosmetic dentistry in the first place. That when it comes to making people feel safe and secure, dentistry is a place to start. People are afraid of the dentist, and if we can help them overcome that fear, who knows what we can do when we work together. So come visit Richmond, a place that is unlike any other in the world.